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Welcome to the Bi-Monthly subscription of the SpelBox. 
This Subscription option allows for you to pay for your SpelBox in increments before shipment. 
Below you will find an explanation of:

When you will receive your first box after you subscribe
Your bi-monthly billing dates
What months you will receive your boxes 

Thank You for your interest and support. Enjoy! 


your first box

Subscription Sign Up Date

Ship Date

Aug 16 - Oct. 15  

Oct. 15th

Oct. 16 - Dec. 15

Dec. 15th

Dec. 16 - Feb. 15

Feb. 15th

Feb. 16- Apr. 15 

Apr. 8th

Apr. 16- Jun. 15 

June 15th

Jun. 15 - Aug. 15

Aug. 15th

BiLLING cycles

For your initial subscription, you will be billed on the nearest billing date.  
  Jan. 15st   
Mar. 15st 
May. 15st 
Jul. 15st  
Sept. 15st  
Nov. 15st
Terms and Agreements: In signing up for the monthly subscription, you are agreeing to a commitment period of 2 cycles before being able to cancel your subscription.  



Oct. 5 - 10 
Dec. 5 - 10 
Feb. 5 - 10 
Apr. 5 - 10 
June 5 - 10
Aug 5 - 10

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